An all-round wellness program not only for your feet but also for yourself!
Escape the stress of everyday life and treat yourself to a pedicure with us.
While tension is relaxed on our massage seat, the cuticle is removed, the nails shortened and shaped. Then a soothing foot bath with callus removal, peeling and massage. If desired, the nails can be painted with our UV varnish or nail varnish or simply polished.

The Price:

Pedicure with nail polishing


Pedicure with regular nail varnish


Pedicure with UV-lack (Shellack)


Just paint:

Here you can enjoy the pleasant feeling of the massage chair. The nails are filed and the cuticles are cut.

The prices:

Painting the toenails with nail polish


Varnishing the toenails with UV-lack (Shellack)


Removing the old UV-lack (Shellack):

The price:

Remove UV-lack (Shellack)

€ 5,-