In our nail salon we perform qualified and high-quality work, always with the best materials, with
techniques from the USA, Europe and Asia.

Our nails always look natural and at their best, we can schedule appointments quickly and operate at reasonable prices.

You are always welcome during your appointment in a cozy atmosphere with music & drinks. Your
satisfaction is our goal.

Beautiful nails belong nowadays to a well-groomed look. Women adorn themselves with their fingernails, such as clothing, make-up or hairstyle. We are happy to help you to present beautiful fingernails, well-groomed hands or beautiful feet for the summer, the gym or just to feel comfortable.

In nail design, there are hardly any limits to fantasy, and today, every woman can afford beautiful,
well-groomed and stable nails. If you are interested, just come by in our nail studio in Straubing and let us pamper and beautify you.