We have a new technique: SNS Signatures Nail Systems, The SNS method is a completely new technology of nail strengthening. Signatures Nails are waterproof, but still allow the nails to breathe and grow long and strong. There is no any smell, because we are not using harsh chemicals. With the new natural technique of the product, the nails are fully protected from the harsh chemicals. The product contains vitamin E and calcium, which strengthen the nail bed.


Acrylic Gel or Powder Gel the Advantages of Acrylic & Powder Nails Acrylic nails are particularly hard and because of this material property they can be built extremely thin. This not only allows a precise and good application. The acrylic itself is not harmful to humans.

Special features of gel Nails The material of the gel nails is an acrylate which hardens under UV- Light


Just like nail polish, fantastic as gel! Gel colours harden using UV or LED lamps. After brushing hardening, the colour is not only instantly dry and scratch-resistant, but also firmly attached to the nail. Here, the nail is additionally roughened before painting. As a result, paint and nail surface are so connected with each other, that nothing can happen.

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